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Twinject (epinephrine injection)

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Product Information

Anaphylaxis is a sudden, severe, and potentially fatal allergic reaction that can cause a wide range of symptoms, including breathing problems, fainting, rash, and nausea. Fortunately, your doctor can prescribe a fast-acting medication called epinephrine to treat this severe allergic reaction.

Anyone who has had an anaphylactic reaction is at risk for another reaction. Although death from anaphylaxis is not common, fatalities occur most often when epinephrine treatment is delayed. It is critically important that you know how to recognize the symptoms and always keep your epinephrine auto-injector close at hand.

Anaphylaxis is triggered when you come in contact with an allergen through skin contact, stings, swallowing, or breathing
in fine particles. Even eating a very small amount of a problem food may cause a reaction in some people. In rare cases,
exercising within a few hours after eating a specific food may cause an anaphylactic reaction.

The new Twinject auto-injector delivers epinephrine rapidly and easily. If symptoms reappear before emergency help arrives, Twinject provides a built-in second dose of medication.

Epinephrine, the active ingredient in Twinject, is the recommended treatment for severe anaphylaxis. It is administered by way of injection through the skin into the thigh, and begins working immediately. Epinephrine helps you breathe by relaxing constricted airways in the lungs. It also reverses dropping blood pressure by constricting small blood vessels.

Epinephrine is very effective in the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis. But up to 1 out of every 3 people may have a
reaction severe enough to require more than 1 dose of epinephrine. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict
how severe your next reaction could be. For this reason, it is very important to have a second, prepared dose of epinephrine nearby during an anaphylactic reaction. Twinject is the only available auto-injector that provides
2 doses of epinephrine in 1 device. With Twinject, you can avoid the hassle of keeping track of 2 separate auto-injectors and expiration dates.

Twinject 0.15 mg is for those weighing between 33 and 66 pounds.

Twinject 0.3 mg is indicated for those who weigh 66 pounds or more.

Instructions for Using Twinject:

Step 1: Make Sure That the Medicine Is Ready When You Need It. Look at the medicine in the Twinject regularly. It may not work if it looks cloudy (has particles in it), pinkish, or more than slightly yellow. If the expiration date has passed, Twinject may not help you. If the medicine is out of date or looks like it might not work and you have a life-threatening allergic reaction, call emergency help such as 911. In the event of a life-threatening allergic reaction, you should go ahead and use an out-of-date product, if that is all you have. Do not remove the GREEN cap or the RED cap until you are ready to use.

Step 2: First Dose

Pull off the GREEN end cap labeled "1." You will now see a GRAY cap. Never put your thumb, finger, or hand over the GRAY cap.

Pull off the RED end cap labeled "2."

Put the GRAY cap against the middle of the outer side of your thigh (upper leg) as shown. It can go through clothes. .

Press down firmly until the needle enters the middle of the outer side of your thigh through your skin. Hold it in place while slowly counting to 10.

Remove the Twinject from your skin.

Check the GRAY cap; if the needle is exposed, you received the dose. If not, repeat #3 and #4 under Step 2. Get ready for the second dose. Get emergency
medical help right away.

Step 3: Get Ready in Case You Need a Second Dose

Unscrew and remove the GRAY cap. Beware of the exposed needle.

Holding the BLUE hub at the needle base, pull the syringe from the barrel.

Slide the YELLOW or ORANGE collar off the plunger

Step 4: Decide if You Need a Second Dose

If your symptoms have not improved within about 5 minutes since the first injection, you need a second injection.

Step 5: Inject the Second Dose

Put the needle into your thigh (upper leg), through your skin, as shown.

Push the plunger down all the way.

Remove Twinject from your skin.

Step 6: Proper Disposal

Bend the needle back against a hard surface and then put the syringe, needle first, into the carrying case.

Put on the other half of the case. Get emergency medical help right away. Give your used Twinject to a healthcare worker for proper disposal. Do not throw away in a regular trash can.

Storing Twinject

Keep at room temperature; do not refrigerate, and protect from freezing

Keep out of direct sunlight, hot cars, and extreme cold

Check the expiration date, and note it on a calendar

Discard properly after use

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