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Rhinaris Nozoil Spray

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3 x 10ml Spray

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Rhinaris-Nozoil is a unique sesame oil lubricant, 100% natural and preservative-free. Rhinaris Nozoil is the newest addition to the Rhinaris family of products! Rhinaris-Nozoil is indicated to moisturize severe dry noses caused by dry environments, surgery, aging, etc. Nozoil helps to prevent the formation of uncomfortable, crusty build-up in the nostrils, a common complaint among dry nose sufferers. Rhinaris-Nozoil is safe, and non-addictive. The sesame oil used in Rhinaris Nozoil is of pharmaceutical qualify without any proteins. Most allergens causing allergic reactions are proteins. Rhinaris Nozoil is imported from Sweden.

Rhinaris is a complete family of products that includes a glycol based nasal lubricant gel and mist. Rhinaris also comes in pediatric saline drops and a 0.9% saline spray for adults. Rhinaris helps moisturize the nose and wash away thick secretions, to prevent or relieve dry, crusty or stuffy noses. Rhinaris products are non-medicated and are safe to use in all patients, including young children and pregnant women.

Rhinaris can be used in many situations:

*For a dry and crusty nose: it washes away crusting and lubricates dry, swollen and irritated nasal membranes.
*As conjunctive therapy with nasal corticosteroids: it relieves the dryness and irritation caused by these drugs and can even help increase their effectiveness.
*For allergic rhinitis: it relieves the nasal signs and symptoms due to pollens, molds, house dust, animals, chemicals, etc.
*Can be used to help relieve the symptoms of vasomotor, atrophic, perennial, medicamentosa or infectious rhinitis.
*To relieve medication side effects: relieves the severe nasal dryness that occurs as a side effect to certain medications such as Accutane.
*For use after nasal surgery: it washes away the crusting that may form due to the trauma of surgery.
*For use with oxygen therapy: it relieves the nasal dryness caused by oxygen therapy.
*For pregnant woman: to prevent nosebleeds and the nasal crusting or irritation that often occur during pregnancy.
*For business travelers: to relieve the dryness that occurs as a result of the dry air in hotels and airplane cabins.

Rhinaris will reduce the irritation and dryness caused by corticosteroid therapy and will hydrate and lubricate the nasal membrane, leading to an increased absorption of the corticosteroid and potentially a reduced need or dose. To maximize the use of corticosteroids, use them in the morning while using Rhinaris 5 minutes beforehand. Then use Rhinaris as often as needed up to 3-4 times daily. Vaseline should not be used to treat nasal dryness. It may immobilize the cilia; small hairs that help the nose get rid of foreign material and clean the incoming air, thereby impeding the function of the nose. As well, if small particles of Vaseline are inhaled from the nose, they may deposit in the lungs and lead to a condition called lipid pneumonia. Rhinaris should be used instead since it is a water-based product and so does not pose the risk of lipid pneumonia and will not immobilize the cilia. Rhinaris lubricating nasal gel and mist are long lasting products made of polyethylene glycol (15%) and propylene glycol. The Rhinaris family also includes a saline spray and pediatric drops which are 0,9% sodium chloride solution. Rhinaris is a non-medicated, water-based nasal lubricant. Thus, it will not interact with other medications and is safe to use in all types of patients, even pregnant women. Rhinaris is a non-medicated product and is not a decongestant. It merely lubricates the nose and gently washes away nasal mucous. Therefore, it does not cause the rebound effects of decongestants and is non-addictive. It is even gentle enough to use daily in all types of patients. There are absolutely no contraindications to the use of Rhinaris, unless the patient is allergic or hypersensitive to one of its components. To treat nasal dryness, Rhinaris is the perfect product for pregnant women and patients who suffer from hypertension, diabetes, glaucoma or prostate enlargement. Propylene glycol rarely produces local irritation upon application to the mucous membranes. Patients who are hypersensitive to topical preparations containing propylene glycol should be cautious when using Rhinaris. Other side effects have not been reported. In adults, 1-2 sprays of Rhinaris mist or saline spray should be sprayed in each nostril every 4 hours or as needed. In children over 2 years of age, you may spray 1 spray in each nostril every 4 hours or as needed. A small amount of Rhinaris gel should be applied to the inside of the each nostril with the tip of your little finger. Avoid using cotton swabs or other means of application as these could irritate or damage the nasal membranes. Rhinaris pediatric drops come with a convenient dropper for ease of use with infants. Use 1-2 drops in each nostril 1-3 times daily to keep your child

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